Run to Support Arizona COVID-19 Relief!

The Arizona Run for COVID-19 is a virtual "on-your-own" one mile and 5k race where 100% of the proceeds go to St. Vincent de Paul's COVID-19 Emergency Fund. Registration is open to runners, walkers, bikers, and more!


Get Involved in Three Easy Steps!



We suggest you make a donation* of at least $15 per person to our St. Vincent de Paul donation page (link below) under the name of the participant. Then, fill out the Registration Form.


Go outside and run, walk, bike, or participate in any other of your favorite activities! We have both a one mile and 5k option for your race. 


Submit the form (linked below) by June 30th with your name, race choice, race time*, and all other necessary information to be entered into the raffle*.​

*You do not have to participate in the race to donate! However, if you wish to be eligible for the winner's and raffle prizes, you must register and submit a time.

**If you intend to compete for the mile and/or 5k winner's prize, you must RUN the race (no biking, skating, etc.) and you must send us an email or complete the race time form with proof of your time (i.e. Strava, Nike Run Club, Garmin, or another reputable source) and we’ll log your time to see if you win!


Race Details

Whether you're a regular participant looking to help St. Vincent De Paul or an elite runner looking for a friendly competition, our two different races (one mile and 5k) and our randomly-drawn raffles and winners' prizes will give everyone an opportunity to win! Although anyone can register by running and then filling out the registration form below, the suggested donation is $15, which pays for bottled water and to-go meals for a family of five.

After the suggested donation, run, walk, bike, skate, or participate in any of your favorite activities for whichever race you signed up for – whether it be the mile, 5k, or both! Just a reminder, a 5k is 3.1 miles. We highly suggest either running in the morning when it is cool or late at night after the sun goes down in order to avoid the heat and run your best time! Make sure to participate before June 30th, the last day to enter. 

When you have a race time that you are happy with, fill out the form titled "Race Time Submission Form" with all necessary information so that we can add your name to the raffle prize. In addition to raffle prizes for randomly drawn winners, we have prizes for runners with the best time. If you are intending to compete for the mile and 5k winners' prizes, send us an email with proof of your time (i.e. Strava, Nike Run Club, Garmin, or another reputable source) and we’ll log your time to see if you win. The mile and 5k winners' prizes consist of four different prizes: one for both the male and female winners of each race. If the same person wins two prizes, one prize will go to the runner-up of the 5k race. Remember, you don't have to race as fast as you can to participate, take it at your own pace!


Registration Form

Fill out this form in order to officially enter the race and send us your information.


Thanks for submitting!

If you have not donated yet, we ask that you please consider doing so at the link above. It is a race for charity, after all.


Race Submission Form

Fill out this form after you have completed your race in order to send us your times and enter the raffle. (To be eligible for the winner's prize you must RUN the race)

Optional Upload file: gps proof or fun pictures from your run!

Thanks for submitting!


Raffles & Prizes

Mile Race Winner Prize

The fastest running times in both the male and female category of the mile will get a prize including a $20 gift card to Tortoise and Hare Sports!

5k Race Winner Prize

The fastest running times in both the male and female category of the 5k will get a prize including a $25 gift card to Sole Sports!

Raffle Prizes

All entrants will be entered into a random drawing to win prizes! There are three different raffle prizes. 

#1: 24 pack of Fairytale Brownies Sprites!

#2: 8 cookies and 4 ice cream pints from Crumbl Arcadia

#3: $50 off a pair of running shoes from Sole Sports



Men's One Mile

1. Jeff Turner 5:14
2. Jeff Stelnik 5:52


Women's One Mile

1. Serena Dupps 5:48
2. Sarah Behladi 7:53

3. Lainie Dee 8:09

Men's 5k

1. Brett Bernacchi 17:27

2. Gary Restaino 20:33

3. Matt Frankel 20:37

Women's 5k

1. Sarah Purcell 20:37

1. Hannah Wheeling 20:37
3. Catherine Alaimo 21:30


Thank you to the following supporters:

Supporters are great for patrons, event organizers, and most importantly beneficiaries. Supporters get the chance to gain exposure at a popular event, while organizers use these additional funds and prizes to put together amazing raffles and prizes. We welcome the opportunity to develop new partnerships at any time, so get in touch if you’re interested in becoming a supporter.

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